One of the reasons why I started this blog was to tell my REAL experiences. Skin issues have always been a sticky situation for me. When I first started my career as a model, I had the typical breakouts but nothing major. However, as I started getting older and traveling more, my skin started getting crazy pimples. I thought wow I never had this as a teen so this must be payback lol. 

I always kept a regimen, but I don’t think I focused on what was really good for my skin. Fast forward to my life today my skin has been literally a battle. I get blackheads and crazy blemishes all the time. Being frustrated and angry I had to figure out a way to control this. And yes, I tried everything from over the counter items and doctor prescriptions. They would work for a while, but then it appeared again. However, when I got pregnant with my son, it disappeared I was excited for that pregnancy glow. I was blessed with that for nine glorious months. And I thought yes, no more skin issues.

I fooled myself lol as soon as my son was born It all came back but WORSE. At that point I realized it was my hormones. I needed to control it in order for my skin to get better. I started eating better and drinking herbal teas and detoxing with water and lemon. I realized I needed to cleanse myself from within. This helped me tremendously. Once I started focusing on myself internally my skin cleared up.

So, ladies when it comes down to skin issues try to find the root of the problem it could be what you're eating, hormones, stress, lack of sleep, or even getting older. Once you figure out the problem focus on the solution. And take your time with these kinds of situations because our skin needs tender love and care. 

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