The Life of A Real Model.

Ok dolls, in this post I am going to keep it 100% REAL! The life of a model is not as glamorous as it may seem for starters new models do not know where to begin and others get scammed into doing things. ‘Learn to read between the lines’. I honestly wish there was someone like me for every new model starting out! But, honestly people are just selfish in today's society. No-one wants to teach the knowledge of the industry.  Fortunately, when I started modeling I was able to get signed at an early age. I signed with Elite Model Management in Chicago, and in another post I will focus primarily on the pros and cons with agencies. 

Girls ask me all the time what is the true life of a model? Honestly SIS, its hard.  A model has to stay a certain weight to keep getting bookings. A model has to keep updating her portfolio. A model has to recognize competition, because new models are always being discovered. A model has understand rejection. And If you are blessed to be signed your agent constantly checks your measurements. While all of that is going on you better have another job, because you are not making money until you land that BIG JOB! WHY? because it's expensive to keep a model wardrobe, shoe bag, basic grooming and paying for your comp cards. This is why I teach model 101 in my webinar sessions so aspiring models can learn the tools on how to be successful. To learn more SIGN UP HERE.

Project Runway.

New York Fashion Week has always been a great time for me especially when I started modeling about 10 years ago. However, today I am producing and speaking on panels. But one of the shows I want to highlight in this post is when I worked with project runway. I walked the runway for designer Patricia Michaels she was amazing to work with. The cool thing about this dress is that it was made out of duck tape. If you want to learn the key tools of the model/fashion world and how to be successful, sign up for my webinar course.